Monday, April 13, 2009

Anne's Autobiographical Literacy Incidents

Week Two
Autobiographical Essay
Tell about your early language and literacy development. How did you come to reading and writing? What role did school play? Did family play? Other community affiliations?

Coming from a family in which my parents have owned and currently own restaurant, literacy has always had a huge effect on me. When I was five, my parents got divorced at which time, my mother made the decision to go back to school. My mother worked diligently to attain her bachelor’s degree, with the dream of entering into the teaching program. I feel my mother has had the biggest impact on me when it comes to going to college and obtaining a diploma. Patricia, my mom has not only earned her degree but, she has also had experience with working at high risk schools.
Many students at high risk schools are pregnant or, those that have had a child while in high school. Indeed, many students at high risk schools have simply receieved their third strike. These students hope to be able to earn their high school diploma. Patricia has told me that often she will catch her students feeding their children Red-Bull and Flaming Hot Cheetos.
Now one will more than likely question what does anything have to do with literacy? Literacy stretches, not only from the ability to read and write simple sentences but, to actually incorporate these sentences in ones life. Literacy dips into the nitty-gritty of nutrition, not solely for oneself, but for the generations that are yet to come. In essence, by ones literacy-the ability to read nutrition labels, one is also making a choice. This choice has an impact on the next generation. Literacy involves reading and writing; in addition, it also dips into many integral aspects of ones life.

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