Sunday, April 26, 2009

AUTO Week 4

I grew up in the typical Catholic family. Therefore, when I was a child it was mandatory to go to mass every Sunday, and pray the rosary from time to time. Now, as an adult with a hectic schedule, my parents really can’t force their religious beliefs on me anymore. However, the tradition really stuck with me and I try my best to make it to mass on Sunday and pray the rosary if I have time.

I remember a few years ago, I think I was a freshman in college, when I really contemplated on my faith. I remember sitting in a pew at Church listening to the Priest preach about the day’s gospel, and really trying to understand the message the Priest was trying to convey. I realized that I must have read/listened to these gospels a billion times over and over again, but I never really analyzed the text thoroughly on my own. Strangely enough, Orange Coast College, the school I was attending at the time, had a religious studies class that focused on analyzing the gospels, so I registered.

When I started the class, I thought there were going to be a bunch of Crazy Christians who were going to try to prove how their faith was stronger than the others. I was totally wrong. Actually, I think everyone there was just as curious as I was. The class was a complete success for me. I learned so much about the Bible, and the history of it. The instructor was great too. I think before the class, I was never really able to defend my beliefs, and now I was.

Besides the epiphany I had with the class, the learning process was great and important as well. I think a person will only have a good learning experience if the interest is there. Also, the environment is important as well. The other students were as interested as I was, so it was a shared learning experience. I think it’s difficult to learn if you are the only one who wants it.

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