Monday, May 11, 2009

Anne's Autobiographical Essay # 6

Language negotiations that I make daily, that I hardly notice that I make correspond with my place of work. Discourse within the workplace is very contrary to that which I partake in, with my co-workers. Setting the scene, I work at Olive Garden. In the middle of the restaurant, an employee goes in doors which lead to an "alley." This "alley" serves as a place to obtain one's drinks, food items, and products for the restaurant. The kitchen is also within the alley. Typically, a discourse is more professional in dealing with people that one is serving. This is the case so that the clients will come back, tell other people, and so that they have an enjoyable experience. When a person speaks with their colleagues, they will not implement this tool of filtering.
An intuitive writing experience, in which I noticed a need for a shift within my writing, is the precise. I took a step back and noticed that I implemented a great deal of transitions. Not only did I fundamentally incorporate institutionalized grammar and punctuation, but I wrought my text so that it sounds like I have more authority. When a person reads my writing I want them to be able to pose the question so what? In essence, as a critical writer who provides a text for critical readers, I want the reader to be able to understand the message that I am trying to convey. In essence, journal writing differs significantly from that relating to academics.

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