Monday, May 4, 2009

Anne's Autobiographical Incident for Week 5

Thinking back to the first time in my life, in which my language abilities made me feel important or powerful, involves a reason for which I have decided to go into the teaching profession. The circumstances involved with this empowering literacy event involved: grade six and Mrs. Dallape's History class. First of all, I became a better reader because I enjoyed reading. I once heard a quote about how reading allows one to travel without ever even leaving their seat. This is completely applicable to Mrs. Dallape's History Class. As sixth graders, we learned about different civilizations around the world. Mrs. Dallape enabled her students to set foot in different cultures by reading about them and, writing about them as well.
Often times, Mrs. Dallape would allow students the option of reading aloud. Reading aloud enables one to use a different side of the brain. One hears the words aloud and comprehends them as well. Needless to say, I was constantly reading aloud. Reading abilities, I feel define the kind of student one is. For instance, if one's reading abilities are up to par for their grade level then they will more than likely achieve success in school.
Reading aloud was important in Mrs. Dallape's class because it helped me to attain attention from both my peers and my instructor. I aided others to want to become better readers and students. Indeed, because I liked to read I hope I motivated others to want to read as well. At the end of the school year, Mrs. Dallape asked me to read stories aloud and record them onto a tape recorder. This literacy event enabled me to become a more effective communicator; in addition, I currently have no qualms about participating in oral discourse with others.

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