Sunday, May 3, 2009

AUTO week 5

There are plenty situations that can qualify for either question. However, there was a time when I felt that both situations could be applicable, and that is when I had my first big interview. I was interviewing for a job at Riverside Community College, and the way the interview process worked was as a group setting interview style. Therefore, there were about five or six department officials that were carrying out the interview. I felt like I was in one of those detective movies because I was literally being grilled by all the interviewees. I know that interviews are typically frightening for any person, but what made it worse was the fact that there were several “Big Wig” executives that were interviewing me all at the same time. I was only nineteen at that time, so I don’t think my so-called professional language usage had been fully developed. Although, I don’t usually perceive myself as a shy person, I was very much frightened and nervous throughout the entire interview. I remember one question was, “How well are you with computers?” and my answer was, “Yes, I am great with computers, I took a couple of CSI classes in college”. The mistake I made was when I said “CSI”, which stands for Crime Scene Investigation. What I meant to say was “CIS”, which is Computer Information System. It was funny thinking about it now. After the interview I was sure that I totally bombed the interview. The funny part is that I got a call from them a couple weeks later, and I got the job. Therefore the group probably didn’t even catch my mistake.

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